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Signia Therapeutics announces an agreement with SANOFI to evaluate potential pipeline candidates

November 01, 2018

Signia Therapeutics announces an agreement with SANOFI to evaluate potential pipeline candidates

LYON, FRANCE (November 1, 2018)

Signia Therapeutics announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Sanofi to evaluate more than one hundred proprietary molecules from the Sanofi library. This agreement is a major milestone for Signia Therapeutics, and it will help to further validate its discovery platform. This program is focused on validated compounds that have been tested, including in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials, to help to bring new therapeutic solutions to patients. 

Signia Therapeutics’ breakthrough drug discovery technology is based on a specific comparative analysis between pathology transcriptomic signatures obtained from clinical samples and drug transcriptomic signatures characterized in innovative physiological models. This agreement aims at redirecting Sanofi molecules in new therapeutic areas with dramatic unmet medical needs, and obviously generate a substantial return on investment by identifying new market opportunities. 

This is a key step towards enriching the pipeline of Signia Therapeutics, enhancing future partnering opportunities, and a major value creation event for the Company and its shareholders. Additionally, Signia Therapeutics discovery platform will offer new treatment options for the medical community and patients. 

About Signia Therapeutics 

Signia Therapeutics current assets comprises a molecule pipeline including eight repurposed marketed drugs as new validated antivirals and protected by international patents, an extensive library of viruses, several ex-vivo and in vivo models of infection, BSL-2/BSL-3 facilities and other equipment, representing altogether a very cost efficient and low risk development strategy. An ongoing phase 2b clinical trial (FLUNEXT TRIAL PHRC #15-0442 – identifier (NCT03212716) started in January 2018 in order to evaluate one of Signia Therapeutics’ anti-influenza compound. This national multi-center double randomized clinical trial aims at assessing the effect of repurposed diltiazem, a calcium modulator with newly identified anti-influenza activity, in combination with standard antiviral oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) for the treatment of severe influenza infections. The FLUNEXT trial aims at enrolling 300 severe Flu patients in twenty intensive care units, with final results expected in 2019. The Company is in a leadership position with its first-in-class discovery platform to identify and repurpose rapidly, efficiently, in a systematic manner and at low cost drugs for new therapeutic indications. 

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