Breakthrough Solutions for Respiratory Infections and Pathologies

Signia Therapeutics

Signia Therapeutics' mission is to accelerate drug discovery against respiratory infections and pathologies. The company is a spin-off of Virpath laboratory (Lyon, France).

The disruptive strategy implemented to identify drug candidates is based on the modulation of the infected or pathological host cell response (polypharmacology approach). Candidates are screened from compounds which reverse the global transcriptomic signature of the host cell, whether infected by the pathogen or altered by the disease, thus inducing a state of the cell unfavorable to infection or pathology.

Signia Therapeutics' technology platform, SIGNATURA, integrates transcriptomic analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and highly predictive physiological models for rapid in silico screening and pre-clinical validation of drug candidates. The platform is operational for the research and evaluation of candidates against respiratory viral infections and is gradually being extended to other respiratory pathologies.

The Proof-of-Concept of the SIGNATURA platform and of Signia Therapeutics’ strategy has been established by delivering a novel broad-spectrum antiviral, Diltiazem, usually used as an antihypertensive agent, with a mechanism of action discovered by the founders of Signia Therapeutics.

Signia Therapeutics is open to collaborations with bio-pharmaceutical companies willing to develop new indications for shelved assets or to accelerate their discovery in the field of respiratory infections.

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