Innovative Science & Technology

A Drug repurposing approach for Infectious Diseases

From clinical signatures of infection to new antivirals

Signia Therapeutics proposes an innovative and versatile platform for antiviral drug discovery and repositioning or recycling based on a global targeting of the host cell instead of specific viral molecular determinants.

The research strategy is based on the direct exploitation of clinical samples from infected patients and the characterization by Next-generation sequencing of relevant in vivo transcriptomic signatures of infections, in an innovative bedside-to-bench and bench-to-bedside approach.

Signia Therapeutics innovative approach will offer intrinsic de-risking of drug discovery process:

1) Significant cost and time reduction to validate clinical trial drug candidates

2) Enable rapid transition to phase 2 clinical trials

3) Significant shortening of response times of widespread outbreaks

4) New value-added IP opportunities

5) Rapid return on investment for drug development to market of new antivirals

An innovative approach

Current Pipeline

Signia Therapeutic’s drug discovery platform has already demonstrated its significant potential with proofs-of-concept already established for several market-approved drugs that were validated for new anti-influenza and anti-MERS-CoV indications.

Signia Therapeutics is well positioned with an ongoing Phase II multicentric clinical trial (FLUNEXT) for the evaluation of one very promising antiviral candidate, with final results expected in 2019-2020.

Ongoing programs conducted by Signia Therapeutics are dedicated to the selection and validation of new broad-spectrum antiviral compounds against human respiratory syncytial virus, human metapneumovirus and human coronaviruses.

With the advancement of its proprietary know-how, patented technology and the constitution of its own database, Signia Therapeutics will be in an advantageous position to establish various forms of collaborations and partnerships with pharmaceutical and specialty pharma companies, based on both the Company’s know-how, proprietary drug discovery platform and drug portfolio.

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