Signia Therapeutics announces the nomination of a CEO

October 29, 2018

Signia Therapeutics announces the nomination of Dr. Philippe Personne as CEO, effective as of 1st of October.

Dr. Personne graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Université de Lyon and cumulates more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, mostly in the field of pharmaceutics and medical devices. He held several management positions, with responsibility of affiliates, business units and profit centers. Dr. Personne brings Signia Therapeutics his wide experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry environment, especially in terms of strategic organization, business development and overall corporate and operational management. Continuing successes of Signia Therapeutics in drug repurposing in infectiology and other medical areas, Dr. Personne’s mission is to drive the Company to upper levels and significantly increase the pipeline of antimicrobial molecules. The next stages of corporate development will include a new round of capital raise, reinforcement of the operational team, continuation of product development by expanding Signia Therapeutics’ proprietary database, pipeline and first-in-class drug discovery platform, offering a systematic approach for rationalized drug repositioning.

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