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Signia Therapeutics is hiring!

September 10, 2020

Signia Therapeutics drug discovery platform has already demonstrated its significant potential with proofs-of- concept already established for several market-approved drugs that were validated for new anti-influenza and anti-Coronavirus indications. Signia Therapeutics most advanced product is under a Phase II multicentric clinical evaluation (FLUNEXT trial) for the evaluation of one very promising antiviral candidate, with final results expected in 2021.

In order to strengthen its team and tackle the next challenges, Signia Therapeutics is looking to recruit 4 collaborators with the following profiles:

  • Two bioinformatic engineers and one data scientist, who will be working in the R&D bioinformatics team
  • A back-end web developer attached to the R&D IT team


Job profiles and instructions for applying are available in the following links:

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